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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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year in egypt and kuwait and iraq. time now for the fox 13:11 news and here's cynthia and chris. >> and kelly, we're starting with this at 11:00, a deplorable crime for one of tampa eas bay's most vulnerable. a 85-year-old man devastated after $25,000 was stolen right out of his room. >> and my mon smn gone, now what am i going to do. >> now the challenge is the detectives looking for a thief at an a >> we're going to make those investments that we need to. >> trying to right the wrongs after millions of gallons of waste water were dumped during hurricane her meefnlt but what is the state of our water ways now. and more to the story than the i can see. the environmental threat the sinkhole pose as of opening up at a foster plant. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 11:00 news starts now. >> and new at 11:00, here's something that is just down
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someone stole $25,000 cash from a 95-year-old army veteran at his a 'tis said living facility, not at his house. not out in ub public. at his assisted living facility. it happened at bay point village in pose pas could county. fox 13 josh cast see o sat down with that victim who had a good reason for having all that money in his room. >> well, that money was supposed to be for a nice new car for 95-year-old gerald who instead tonight he t- is in the hands of a thief. >> at 95 years old, life has slowed down a lot for gerald pet troll. but far fry a complete stop. he still loves drive higz own car back and forth to the local flea market. it's independence for me ievment finish my days out and i thought a nice car would be ideal for me. perfect carks a shiny new knee safnlt he went to the bank and took out the cash eevment was
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the assisted living facility. before he could spend it on his new ride, someone else got their greedy hands on his 25 grand. i said jesus chris mace mass, now my money is gone, what am i going to do eye couldn't believe it was gone. i searched this room from end to end three times. we're going have to talk to all ploy eesms there's a lot of people here that have access to ooms. good news for gerald. the monetary loss won't threaten his stay at the facility but it raise as a number of concerns for the world war ii army veteran. stealing from someone who is # five and in a place like this forever, not a good idea. it's a ticket for a major life slow down at any age. >> a trip to prison. and life is going to get ruined. >> they will be arrested and jees, a haid hate to see. that for his part the facility
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reet reading in quote, the security and well-being of our residents and personal belongings are our top prior seize at all time. if you know anything, contact the pasco county sheriff office right way. in hudson tonight josh cast kree o fox 13 news. >> and we confirmed a sinkhole opened up at a phosphorus plant. at least the waste water holding plant causing environmental derchlt started three weeks ago at mosaic new wheels plant mulberry. this sinkhole here opened up underneath the skip gipson sang. that where's the waste water is stompletd officials estimate 215 million ga lafers waste water have drained into the aquifer. the mosaic says they have been handling the situation appropriately. as soon as we made the discovery we called the florida department of environmental protection. in other words we notified the department agencies.
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notified the county and we've been talking to them every day. since ground water moves very slowly, it's not like there's an urgent thing. this is not something like now water going into a river or slowing down the river and people will be pick tupg momentarily. well, the company says it's routienly testing the ground water but so far con tam mates haven't shown umm in the monitoring wells around the plant. they say they will continue to test the wells until the department of environmental protection gives thell meanwhile more questions about the safety of owfer bay. the water there after more than 200 million gallons of sewage got dumped during hurricane her meefnlt the health department says most of the affected beaches are safe now. fox 13 evan lambert spoke to to a scientist to tell us why and joins us from the beach in tampa and that's a beach where we hear about where you can't go swimming evan. >> reporter: yeah, and it was closed as a result of all that water being dumb nptd bay.
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that enough time has gone by since that happened for the water to basically flush itself clean. now several municipalities have dumped a major a. sewage into the bay when the storm overwhelmed their sewer system n. some cases the sewage was raw. in others the cities say it was mostly treated. essentially the kind of water you use in a sprinkler system. since the end of awrks clearwater, st. petersburg, largo and tam ba pa have discharged 200 millions gallons of waste water. by now the experts say the circulation of the bay has had time to lower bacteria level associated with any of that sewage. the solution to pollution is delusion. so the ocean is birks the gulf of mexico is big and it makes sense that after a week or so of flurk and delusion that these path o gens would be de lewd enough to not cause a problem.
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hazing says as long as there aren't any warning signs, swimming and fishing should be safe in the bay. so is eating the firchlt but you want to look for the signs along the beach that's warn that conditions aren't good. those in pinellas county are coming to to talk about how to solve the problem with the sewer system in that county. live in tampa. evan lambert. fox 13 news. >> and new tonight a pinellas county attorney was rested for bringing a loaded gun into the courth louis was stopped during the expreeng sesms they say inside his backpack they found a riew ger 45 call ger handgun with a load magazine and one bullet in the chamber and a second loaded magazine there that backpack too. they say it's not clear yes was carrying the weapon but we confirmed that lie was at the courthouse for a disbar ment hearing. he does not have a concealed weapons permit. the city of tampa will pay a former university student more than $78,000 to settle her her
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dhevment is rachel stock well after she was arrested outside a nightclub on evaluate entienlz day 2014. stock well says an officer slammed her head so hard into the pavement that she suffers memory problems and had to withdraw from school. the officer said stock well wasn't cooperate whg she tried to give her a trespass warning and then resisted a wresms that officer later fired. the city council approved that settlement today. police are calling it operation fresh start. their campaign to rid the city streets of drug dealers. officers say they targeted problem areas around the city looking for people selling cocaine, heroine and just about anything else. although it rapped up last week, police say it doesn't end here. >> we're going keep going after these drug dealers after these violent people and we're not going to give up. >> and despite all those reases, they are still looking for two more member.
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previous fell neez any con vieksz. >> some poignant words of frt federal government tonight urging owners of the galaxy note seven to return that phone. more than one mill have been recalled. samsung admit laughed week a faulty battery has been causing fires. we saw a local man's jeep going up in an inferno. and evan axel bank explains what federal government is demanding that any snoat 7's out there turn them off and send them back to the company either for an exchange or for a refund. so far 35 phones have exproceeded and caught fire. at least 35. and last week samsung, the company itself issued a voluntary recall this is a step farther from the feds, even though .1% of 2.5 million phones have caught fire.
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off if they still have them when they get on to air plains. not even safe to fly with on. >> and this comes as a crucial time for samsung as eam intro diesd new phone. samsung has not said how quickly they will be able to replace the hazardous phones. the one point is the problem with the battery. then figure out the fix and then reship out the phone. and the big question is that every one has, when do i g new phone? that is the question they have yet to answer. they are protect thrirg brand by saying let's stop this before anything else happens, somebody dies, that's not good pub publiy no. 1 wants that. they have the money to do t might as well recall them. and loit cat serial number on the back of the phone or packages and enter that number into sam sufnlgt and this is for the most part a broad recall here, an a absolute recall of all note 7 and samsung says they
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devices, the new ones they september back to the customers way blue s on the box. want to look for that blrks blu s chris if you get a new sam sunk note 7. but what i heals for the customers who just have to shut their phone off. we all know ho ow how we live by our cell phones. that's a big probe there. are being asked to get the replacement devices from sam sunk that are not, in other words they don't have to wait for the 7. the comny devises to hold them over until they are able goat the new 7's out. that makes sense. evan ax alex bank for us live with it that note 7 mess ouch and a week long trip to the go golf course has come to an end eye. and we're talking about the stuck manatees. and the efforts to move them. we'll show what you it took. plus, this physical exam to
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who is in excellent shape clearly not an old 70 but a young 70. jab at hillary clinton. trump release his medical records on the dr. oz show. so how will it affect the campaign if at all. and paul, what will affect our weather? quiet. overall quiet weather i think twha is interesting tonight is new tropical storms in the atlantic. tropical storm karl is moving to the west.
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donald trump has been keeping a rigorous sch >> and keeping a rather rigorous schedule this week speaking to supporters in new york and then he taped an appearance on the tonight show before attending a rally in new hampshire and his campaign is releasing new medical records. trump says he is fit to be president. fox's john robert takes a look. the records from a physical exam conducted trump's long time doctor last week show while he is a bit overweight and takes
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all his tests it are in good range. this physical exam to me shows someone at the age of 70 to who is in excellent shape. clear ri not an old 70 but a a young safety. trump first disclosed the find wgdz a taichg dr. oz and he said he favors making birth control over the count teemplet if you have to get a prescription, that's a tough something to find. it should not be done by who rpt in a position to get a prescription. and it could increase access to the bill for a women. others say it could drive up the cost for those who get it through health insurance. our new fox trump poll shows an edge over clipton and who voters think could possess handle the ee con ma any. but analyst say the math is not in his favor. he relies heavily on revenues and savings coming from higher
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we haven't seen growth rates like what he he is assuming in decades and decades. and new polls here in new hampshire show trump with noferghtsz granite state as well. sow was snubbed bit new hampshire newspapers which for the first time did not endorse the republican candidate endorsing the libertarian quair gair ri johnson instead. not much of a surprise one you consider trump has been in a fiewt feud with the publish irma quaid since last year. in new hampshire. john roberts. fox news. and meanwhile clinton returned to the campaign trial today. she says he is feeling great. she took a few days off to recover from pneumonia, today she was back in full force campaigning in north carolina where she leads trump in the polls by only .06 of a point. the state law maker caught on video slapping another man is caught on video giving a public apology and keith per rif
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the front of mouth area. perry confronted the man for moving one of his campaign signs. perry says there's a lot more to the story you don't see on orr hear on the video. he schaimentz man made der rock rog tory remarks to his wife and even spit in his face. >> and there was no aggression. the only aggression i had was when he spit in my face. my reaction was an open hand to where that spit was kate case has been turned over to the lawyers off. and they think it will be dismissed. seven manatees who were trand snd a gulf coast pond thanks to hurricane hermine are now safely back in the crystal river. those manatees were swept up in the storm surge and trapped in the pond but they didn't mind because it was full of weeds. and it took a massive effort goat manatees out of that pond and back home of the heat some were in murky deep waters to
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the heaviest one, 2000 pounds. took 20 people to care rivment all swimming happily tonight. now, your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist paul dellegatto. >> look at. that a 99.1% full moon tonight. very bright over tampa. jason ludwig captured it perfectly. tomorrow it's the full harvest moon and super moon as well. sky partly cloudy. a full moon on a friday about tomorrow night. sky tower a couple showers to our west. couple showers to the east in the middle and we are rain free. rest of tonight stays rain free. tropical moisture does stay in place so we have 30 to 40% rain coverage into the weekend. if your concerned about friday night football, high school football to tomorrow night. i think it will be okay dying showers around. the thing about this time of year. even though it's the rainy
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heat and by will most areas that usually rain free. but dying showers night. we still have a tropical storm east of south carolina. and that one is meandering about. we'll talk about the new 11:00 advisory nay second. right now low 80s around tampa bay and the dewpoints. still in that mid summer range in the mid 70s. tough to taifnlgt here's julia. ian is almost off the map now. td12, we need to update now, a second ago thak became you can see the symbol right there. that is now tropical storm karl. julia is trapped but eventually it looks to me as though it will start moving east and northeast and way from us. look at the forecast track. this is for five days. i mean, you could walk in this case swim faster than this as it drifts northeast to the computer models are just confused as minute.
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think a motion to the east and northeast makes more sense at this juncture. we'll watch t. so as far as karl goes, here's the position. 17.9 north 32.5 west. top wifnedz 45. flair up of convection tonight and that is all being done by satellite in terp faismghts wasn't enough for the hurricane center to upgrade this from a depression to the tropical storm. the forecast reasoning has not changed. it will move west and move west west northwest after. that all these sim boms bowls are tropical storm sim boxes usually over warm water and lower shear. wowb talking about hurricane in five days. but there is so much dry air in the atlantic, that will likely inhibit any rapid intensification and then the forecasting issue was a dilemma because it does the big right hand turn into the atlantic or does it continue west or northwest north towards the
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this is tuesday so your talking literally seven to ten daze before it would even approach the east coast f if that happens at all. now, we stay in the purple meaning more tropical moisture for a couple more days. i don't think anything dramatic as far as rainfall goes. no more than 30, 40% and the best chance obviously during the afternoon hours. now, tonight nice night. moon lit and we're down to seven #. mix of clouds and showers and thunder showers developing during the day the day. highs up near the zero and no big change over the weekend wesm stay in the upper 80s in the seven day forecast. shows we're locked in. upper 80s and low 90s for highs and 75 to 80 for a low. back to you. all right paul. see you on friday. >> o coming up, a disturbing case out of university of florida. >> yeah, where a man was arrested for video taping other guys inside the storm dorm showers.
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up behind bars. >> o a galop shows america's face and the media drop tie record low. we'll explain why and john wilson will join us with his view. plus we'll roll out fox 13 news plus we'll roll out fox 13 news numbers fr come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five...
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new at 11 - florida a & m >> new at 11:00, florida a and m university looking for a new president by a vote of ten to one.
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imagine gum to step down immediately. even though she has six months left on her contract. she was the first woman president. she held that position for one and ave years. and she was rocked by a hazing scandal and other issue. the school named larry robinson as interim president. and police arrested a man they say was sek lit rhettly video taping people in the dorm showers at the university of florida oof and they say t on campus. de live there. he secretly reported other male students in the bath room. he told a friend while they were out drink and a few days late thear friend came forward and told police. we always urge people to let us know as soon as possibly that way that victim doesn't violate any one else.
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and those videos could of gone anywhere. six people have come forward. fuentes is on interim suspension and not aloud on campus without permission. scott couldn't ask for a much better start from jameis winston. not just one but two awards in the same week. flook build on that now in week two and week two for rookie carer back will look at another half game bound seffner larry fitzgerald.
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more accolades coming jameis winston's way... today he's named the fedx player of the week for his 4 touchdown
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winston is the first player in team history to win both nfc offensive player of the week and fedex air player of the week in the same week. the challenge for vernon hargreaves doesn't get any easier this week... after having to try to slow down julio jones... the bucs rookie corner now has to find a way to stop arizona's 9-time pro bowl receiver larry fitzgerald... fitz caught 8 balls for 81 yards and two touchdowns in week one's loss to the patriots... no question he's a future hall of one thing that certainly helps hargreaves prepare for a big physical receiver like going up against vincent jackson and mike evans
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week 2 kicks off with tailgate sunday at 10:30... ricky reynolds and i will break it all down... before handing it off to the network crew with fox kick off and fox nfl sunday... then at four, it's the bucs and cardinals from glendale the rays long, 11-game road trip started a little shaky, with 3 straight losses in the bronx... but they've turned it around - thank you canada - winning 4 of the last 5... including tonight a slugfest tonight against the orioles... rays threatening early... with two on in the first... evan longoria up and turns on the yovani gallardo pitch deep to center... longoria's 33 homer of the season... rays up three-nothing.... baltimore scores four in the bottom half of the inning to take the lead... logan forsythe punches one to right...mikie mahtook scores to tie the game... the rays score in each of the first four innings.. capped with longoria's single driving
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91 rbis this season.... it's a 7-6 game in the ninth.... alex colome on with two on and two out... strikes out chris davis to end the game.... rays win 7-6 big game in the american athletic conference tonight... number six houston down four points to cincinnati.... look at the time greg ward has... scrambles into the endzone, giving houston the lead... ward has three touchdowns, two on the gro beating houston...40-16 the final big game right here on fox 13 saturday night... number-3 ohio state at number-14 oklahoma. finally tonight... a new monument in lakeland... should cause people to pause.. and say "thanks". construction for the police department's fallen heroes memorial is now underway. it'll honor the five lakeland officers who were killed in the line of duty.
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for the men and women in blue. earlier this year... an unamed donor chipped in a ?million dollars to help build the memorial. the news keeps going
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- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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